Educational Programmes

Educational Programmes

Our park has two distinct areas:


  1. Carnivorous Wildlife Safari: a safari bus will safely take children close to the great wild cats — lions and tigers — and to brown bears.
  2. Mini Zoo: this is the internal area of the park, where children can visit the homes of the common raccoon, meerkat and many more.


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Department Education Aqualeon has elaborated education program addressed to educational centers, with a triple objective:

  1. To bring closer the wild animals to the pupils.
  2. To make the pupils aware of the importance of conserving all types of life.
  3. To participate with the teachers and to offer instruments to complete syllabus.

Therefore in Aqualeon the schoolchildren will get closer and learn from a very special perspective about conservation of all the wildlife.


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Upon arrival to the Park, groups will be provided with the daily programmed visit schedule.

1. Free visit
2. Educational itineraries:
a. Check the Minizoo animals!
b. The hidden forest
3. Naturalist gymkhana
4. Workshops:
4.1. Poultry, mammal or reptile, what am I?
4.2. Knowing the big felines
4.3. Meeting the reptiles!
4.4. Alimentary workshop
4.5. Raptor workshop
4.6. Workshop of meeting the poultries
4.7. Workshop of medical plants
4.8. Workshop of enrichment: Prepare a toy for…!
5. A-level research work


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Finca Les Basses, s/n
43716 Albinyana – Tarragona
Ph.: 977 68 76 56 Fax: 977 68 78 23


*For information and reserves please send and email to [email protected] and stating the name of the school, phone and contact person.

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